The Corset Trends That Make High Street Fashion in 2022

Over the four centuries, there have been uncountable changes in fashion. Women’s undergarments have changed in shape, size, pattern, and style. But one style of undergarment that exists in fashion and is continuously linked with movie dramas, and shows and is equally loved by fashionistas is the Corsets.

Corset since its inception in the 16th or 17th century is known as the performer’s wear. Corsets usually come under the category of luxury undergarments and it was the first choice of women who loved to give their bodies a definite shape. The corsets sculpt the body into a definitive shape – smaller in the waist area and larger in the bottom.

Our Corset inspiration

At the beginning of this year, we succumbed to the Netflix series named “Bridgerton”. The romantic series not only portrayed a regency of core style but also made corsets get back to the trend.

Worn under the layer of clothes for years, corsets are now noticed above tops, and t-shirts, or are chosen as saree blouses. It is for sure that pairing a corset with jeans, or skirts not only brings the runway fashion to the street but also is subject to praise.

We have collected some of the trending corset styles and made them a part of the PrivatelyUrs collection.

What are the Burlesque Corsets?

The term Burlesque means to imitate, and during the early 90th century it began in UK and America. The theatrical shows used to be humorous as the main concept was to imitate well-known plays and shows. At that time the Burlesque Corsets became the talk of the town due to their figure-enhancing qualities. The corset enhances the curves of the wearer and gives an hourglass look. The Pearl seductress burlesque corset in red is a definitive winner.

Types of Burlesque Corsets

Under-bust corset offering 3-4th waist reduction
Gothic corsets with Shoulder straps
An overbust corset that can be adorned without the addition of a bra

Nowadays taking inspiration from the 19th century, fashion designers are recreating various Gothic, mesh over-bust, and under-bust corsets eliminating the rigidness of the early corsets. The corset trend has gone through a lot of design changes, and with the evolution of new techniques wearing corsets is comfortable just like any other dress.

Why are corsets the best choice for women?

Wearing a corset top is high in the trend because it is a one-size-fit for all your fashion needs. You can wear this style alone without adding a bra, also it can be paired with all types of dress. By adorning it with beads, and pearls to get that chic and sultry look.

Trendy corset designs emphasise the cinched-in waist, and this is the ideal fit for all those ladies having a long torso.
The under-bust corset can easily sit under the breast area giving the wearer a pretty uplifted breast.
The adjustable hip buckles in corsets add extra details to the hip area and accentuate the curves in the body
Comes in various colors and lovely shades, in a variety of styles, and pairing a corset top creates an innocent persona.

Incredible chic ways to adopt a corset in your modern days

The 2022 Fashion Trends For Corsets has become more like outerwear rather than inner-wear. Various movies and dramas are recreating the corset styles making them look like figure-hugging tops that can be paired with stylish mid-length or full-length skirts.

Let us have a look at a few ways how you can pair your corset top:

As a crop top with jeans: The modern corset top falls slightly below the belly button fully adjusting to your body. You can easily pair it with your skinny, ripped, or straight jeans. Crop top with jeans is ruling high-street fashion and it perfectly accentuates your hourglass figure.

With your dress: If you want that body-hugging silhouette, the corset is a fun alternative. Our Pleated Fril Fashion Corset perfectly fits your long gowns to skater dresses giving a complete fairly look. Also, you can pair it with beige, black, cream, and white dresses.

Corset with an overcoat: The Legant Black Sweetheart Halter Corset is the perfect option for your overcoat. Influences are finding innovative ways like this to style the body con garment easily in the winter months. So, you can embrace colour this season and match a corset of your choice from our store with vibrant pants and a contrasting overcoat.

With Saree: To bring your style sense on point the Corsets with a saree will never go wrong. You can create an off-shoulder blouse look by pairing the Corset with your favourite saree. Also, you add a dash of drama by adoring the look with pearl jewellery and matching danglers.

Long skirts, medium skirts, or mini skirts: The Pearl seductress burlesque corset has multipurpose use for all fashionistas. You can pair this high-fashion costume with your long, midi, and mini skirts. Along with that, it is the perfect pair for your screes in nudes or white.

The biggest indicator is that corsets are a trend, as over the years bustier tops have pushed the boundaries in high fashion and the trending corset has normalised with more and more designers coming up with trendsetting corset tops.

Key Takeaway:

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