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“I cannot forget that frustration” said Praful (name changed), a techie from Bangaluru. He had gone to the market a few years back, in search of an ‘arousal cream’ that his girlfriend had wanted on Valentine’s Day. He got her one, braving a number of curious looks from every direction, but was far from sure about whether it will work at all or will have any adverse effect on his ‘manhood’ and they ended up without using the product at all.

Then there were a number of magazines that regularly report of BDSM parties being organised here and there, but they missed the customary costumes and other important stuff as they were simply not available readily. “Forget things like vibrators and dildos, even buying a sensuous outfit was somehow not only difficult but embarrassing”, said another 42 year old techie from Mumbai, who added he was ready to go through the embarrassment if he got the right kind of product he was looking for – but he never did.

So interests for these products were always there, and so were the business opportunities. The only thing that was missing was the urge to strike the gold. However, the scenario has changed a lot over the last few years and that is the reason why we are talking about the online shopping sites for adult products.

Opportunity Strikes

With the market opening up and overseas travel getting easier, people are frequenting other countries, leading to improved exchange of culture, and world brands are finding it easier to get into the Indian market. The Indian concept with regard to sex is changing fast, thereby opening up newer avenues of business and finally living up to its reputation of being the “World of Kamasutra”. The boom of technology has opened up newer ways of conducting business and all these have led the shackles to break and taboos to be removed, albeit to some extent.

New-age India has seen newer prospects of business, and adult lifestyle is no different. People are investing as a result of new opportunities and these investments are paying off! How can we as a company lag behind? So here we are, with the latest stuff to help you have fun in your intimate world that is very much yours!

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